Live Your Best Life- Make New Friends. Have Fun. Find Meaning.

Spring Village at Stratford is proud to offer purposeful activities based on our residents' individual interests and abilities. Activities are designed to meet the social, physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual needs of each of our residents.

Our 14-passenger, wheelchair accessible van is used to take our residents to restaurants, shopping, community events, and more.

We care about what brings you joy

At Spring Village at Stratford, we provide a vibrant activities program seven days a week. We get to know our residents and provide something for everyone, including sports games, exercise, word games, trivia, leisurely conversations, and outings.

Our highly trained, creative staff modify assisted living activities so that every resident can be successful enjoying what they like to do.
Our residents have the opportunity to:

Exercise daily

Express themselves artistically

Stay Involved in the Community at Large

Listen to live music

Call 203-380-0006 today to learn more about the Community Activities offered at Spring Village at Stratford.